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Full Version: Just picked up 2 Fluences for £2,500 each
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Hi All,

Just picked up 2 x 2013 Fluences with 5k on the clock from eBay. I've exported one of them to Ireland. Renault Ireland are looking for €50 per month battery rental for a 25,000k a year mileage allowance, not bad. At this rate I done mind paying for the peace of mind knowing the battery is covered. There's still 2 years warranty left on them.

As long as I can live with the range limits it seems like a good deal.

Where did they originate from? I'm assuming that since Renault Ireland don't handle the batteries (leaving it to RCI Banque, and billing in Euros) the rental of €50pm for 25k Kilometers is roughly half that of what RCI UK charge Brits!

They're UK cars. Which I'm importing into Ireland. Got my VRT/NCT on Friday. I was surprised myself at the rates that were quoted as the online prices are much higher ( Maybe as they are used there are different rates, not sure but don't want to question them too much. Maybe they've changed their pricing policy. It would be interesting for others to call up to say they've bought a second hand EV and ask about the rates,

Maybe you're getting a quantity discount? Great cars, you'll be delighted with them, and I'll be sorry to see mine go, as the spec is really high!
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