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Full Version: The end of my fluence
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Today I`ve made my last trip on the fluence.Sad
Even though I always wanted to keep it, the hassle was to much, added with some personal changes, I decided to give it as part exchange for the new zoe 40.
Got a fair deal on the fluence, considering it had 77500 miles.
The new zoe will arrive sometime in the beginning of January, and it`s .......battery included!Wink No more battery leasing...Cool
Aw shame! Some mileage tho'!

Try as I might, I cannot work up any enthusiasm for the Zoe.... it's like going from a 'real' car to a run-around plaything. So as Renault have nothing comparable, I'll be leaving them and RCI behind.

They're still playing a game whereby they're threatening to extend my lease regardless of my wishes, and point blank refuse to consider anything other that the current price list on battery hire. I've got the time and the energy - so watch the forum!
I´m happy to, just to pass my days from now on, without RCI....
For me zoe was not the first choice, but with this insane terms on battery hire, I could not find some else to sell the car. Still, I miss the fluence.
I`ll keep following this forum; wanna see how your lease will end up.
Best of luck!
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