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Full Version: Decrease in mileage per charge
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I'm new to this Forum so I hope I am posting to the correct page....
I have a Zoe which, when I bought in May I was achieving around 90 miles per charge.
Now I am lucky if I get 60-65 miles per charge.
I have been told that in the colder months the battery can't charge up as much as in warmer weather.
I don't know how accurate that info is, and wondered if any other Zoe owners can help?
I have had the car back to Renault twice, who each time say they have completed an update on the car....
Any info or advice would be great!

Thanks in advance
Yes, the colder the ambient temperature the less range - welcome to the world of EV's! With my Renault, I get 60 in summer, and I lose 33% when the temp drops to 6C or lower.
Thanks for such a quick reply.
That's quite a drop isn't it?.... At least I know that it's just the way it is in the cold weather.
Thanks again for your help.
It is, but even a torch suffers the same way. My replacement EV will have a system to heat the battery (pre conditioning) before a trip, so there are ways round the issue... but a shame not with the Fluence!
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