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Full Version: Renault fluence battery insurance & RCI
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Our fluence was declared total loss 3 MONTHS AGO! and still we have not received any kind of financial settlement due to our insurance company (ERS) dragging their feet over the settlement of the battery. They obviously want to return the battery to renault to save some costs (the damage was all front end) but are however refusing to pay the £2000 that renault are quoting to have it removed and shipped to france for diagnostics. So basically I received a phone call last night from ERS saying that there was literally nothing left that they could do, they wont pay for the battery removal, and RCI wont give them a cost figure for the battery parts so they can settle the claim, so there is nowhere left for them to take this.

I am tearing my hair out here, has anyone else had to deal with this kind of incompetence before and can give me any advice?

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