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Bricked - Buzby - 12-14-2016 02:21 PM

Coasting up to my end of the battery lease (36 months). Was 15 miles from home in a car park, turned on the ignition, and was met with a warming chime and the text display going RED. It said:

'Electrical fault danger"

The orange battery icon was lit, and STOP illuminated. No amount of recycling would clear it, but I discovered the Fluence would still drive and with no loss of power or other issues. I drove home and hoped a recharge would get me back to normal.

Sadly, it would not accept any attempt to charge - so I called the dealer. I'm told that it'll cost £60 to 'plug in the computer' BUT if this did not clear it, they could not do anything until January as they only have 1 Z.E. tech, and there are 4 failed Zoe's ahead of me! I didn't bother telling them I wouldn't have enough power to take it away until then!

Worrying that there are so few Z.E. folk capable of keeping these cars on the road.

We'll need to see what the computer says tomorrow!

RE: Bricked - flyer - 12-14-2016 05:57 PM

Sadly, it seems that we are a species on the brink of extinction...
mine already changed both charge ports, the motor, and one battery.
Hope it`s not to a high priced intervention.

RE: Bricked - Buzby - 12-15-2016 10:11 AM

An update - preparing to take the car to the dealership, on inserting the keys, the warning message cleared completely. Not only that, the car could now be charged (and is currently doing exactly that). Whilst phoning the dealership to cancel, I was transferred to the bookings contact centre. This seemed a good opportunity to discover how many Z.E. capable outlets Arnold Clark had in Scotland and what my choices were.

I was a little concerned when the contact centre person admitted not knowing what a Z.E. Technician was, but it became clear when I asked what branches I could take my car to. The answer was just TWO, Inverness and Glasgow - and they are 200 miles apart!

Do folk purchasing a new Zoe know this? Got a dealership that appears to have outlets everywhere (not all Renault, admittedly) to only have 2 is a big warning to potential buyers.