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12-14-2016, 02:21 PM
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Coasting up to my end of the battery lease (36 months). Was 15 miles from home in a car park, turned on the ignition, and was met with a warming chime and the text display going RED. It said:

'Electrical fault danger"

The orange battery icon was lit, and STOP illuminated. No amount of recycling would clear it, but I discovered the Fluence would still drive and with no loss of power or other issues. I drove home and hoped a recharge would get me back to normal.

Sadly, it would not accept any attempt to charge - so I called the dealer. I'm told that it'll cost £60 to 'plug in the computer' BUT if this did not clear it, they could not do anything until January as they only have 1 Z.E. tech, and there are 4 failed Zoe's ahead of me! I didn't bother telling them I wouldn't have enough power to take it away until then!

Worrying that there are so few Z.E. folk capable of keeping these cars on the road.

We'll need to see what the computer says tomorrow!
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