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waiting for my zoe and looking for electrical details

I am expecting my zoe in January and as I live in hilly contryside I'm already thinking about possibilities for extending the range. I had been thinking of buying a 10kwh lithium ion battery pack, made in several sections to make it easier to carry, and putting it on the back seat which I thought would be safer than in the trunk. This could at worst be used to fast recharge the car system but at best it might supplement the main battery during use. So I'm very interested to hear some details about the battery pack, how intelligent it is, whether it is 'encrypted' to prevent unauthorised replacement or reconnection, its voltage, etc. Can't seem to find any information on the web so far, but I have the feeling Renault may still be inventing it, so maybe that's not won surprising!
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RE: waiting for my zoe and looking for electrical details

Roger, welcome to the forum.

However, I don't think your idea for range extension is workable. Li Ion batteries are very expensive, which is why they are leased with the Zoe. Also, the energy stored in a charged battery pack is similar to the energy in a full petrol tank, so carrying a charged battery pack on the back seat is similar in risk to carrying petrol cans on your back seat - arguably it's worse, since batteries can supply their own source of ignition through sparking. That's why car manufacturers go to great trouble to incorporate them into the design of the car, usually in a compartment separated from passengers, inside a reinforced cage, and fitted with emergency shut-offs.

Given that the Zoe has the longest range of any electric car (except the Tesla) I wonder if you really need more range. Certainly hills aren't necessarily a big issue since regenerative braking will help you gain downhill a lot of the energy you lost going uphill. Your requirements may be better served by fast charging.
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