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e-up versus e-golf ride quality.

Some thread drift from another thread....

Originally Posted by Eep
Did you try the Golf? I'm genuinely fascinated to hear if you felt the little e-Up offered a superior ride/handling mix.
For me, ride always over-rules 'handling'. In my opinion, the latter can always be 'improvised' with a delicate handling of the controls. Just because a car leans or wallows a lot doesn't always means it goes around corners slower. What counts are the tyres and the quality of the road surface.

Whenever I have decided to 'show the way' ahead of some presumptuous sports cars in the endless old buckets I have driven in my life, rarely have they ever kept up. I think it comes from having owned several american cars in early life - you either recognise a car's limitations and learn to drive right up to them without going too far, or you pay some engineer to make your ride horrible so you can drive without any real skills and let the car take care of you.

When some sports car is level with me driving my Vectra along a dual carriageway, with wife in, she usually says 'please don't embarrass that car!'. Not that she cares for the driver's sensibilities, she says it simply that she doesn't want to go around a roundabout at 70mph! The Vectra B has a design issue in that if you hit a bump mid-corner it throws the car out and sideways. It's a bit [email protected] really, but I've yet to lose it on a fast bend. I'll let you know if I do, or maybe I won't be able to let you know after that!

I'm blithering. In any case, the appropriate application of power to a vehicle mid-bend is more a function of driver skill and mature restraint than of balls-out machismo, so I'll always go for the soft ride.

..and therefore:-

...e-up, far superior in ride quality to the e-golf. By a standard mile.

I'd noticed some sub-10K cars too.
Whaaa!? I've seen them at 13k, but I'd likely buy at 10k. Where have you seen at this price?
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RE: e-up versus e-golf ride quality.

I just like a car not to tip me out of the seat round corners, and my preference is for a one with a supple ride but taught body control. Because if you can wring the neck of an old jelly-sprung bus and be faster than the traffic behind you, then you can be certain you'll be even quicker in a car that does a better job of resisting lean and weight transfer.

I had an old Brooklands LPT in the 90s that was truly satisfying to punt down a country lane at speed - it was long, wide and the weight was close to three metric tonnes - but I was well aware that any Jag of the same vintage would be quicker, smoother and its driver wearing a grin no less wide.

I'm certain I saw one e-Up under 10K on AutoTrader earlier this week but it's not there any more.
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