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Domestic electric supply for EV users

Having just renewed my offpeak energy contract (with OVO) for the coming year I have been considering choosing one that particularly suits us EV users.

There's not much around - I found three, BG, EDF and nPower. The BG scheme which allows discounted (offpeak?) electricity most of the 24 hours only gave a meagre discount off their standard prices and did not work out beneficial. It also appears to have bitten the dust, no sign on their website or on comparison sites. I suspect the nPower scheme also was abortive. EDF offer a scheme called 20-20 but doing my sums it proved damned expensive. It looks like the energy companies are either ignoring us or hoping to catch us unawares and rip us off.

I also found recommendations for Good Energy amd Ecotricity. These are "green" providers so I didn't hold out much hope of them being cheap. Dead right, both were considerably dearer than my present scheme. Ecotricity (the dearest) do offer a free card to access their charging points across the country as a perk. Correction - the cards are free to anyone applying who owns an EV and their charge points are in some motorway services. They DO suit the Fluence!

Ordinary offpeak tariffs are useful but only for cars with timers or those who habitually stay up till after midnight. The 7 hour offpeak period is just about sufficient. Incidentally, reading a rival Zoe forum I see that their built in timer facility is flaky at best and cannot be trusted.

There's supposed to be a ten hour tariff but I can't find anyone who offers it to new customers. I used to be on such a tariff 40 years ago when I suffered a nightmare three phase electric central heating system that broke down so regularly I was on first name terms with SEB's engineers. It was reduced to 8 hours (white meter) and then axed. On cold days we used to run out of heat at 4pm!offpeak

With just three of us with Fluences I doubt we would have much clout to negotiate a better deal with energy companies. Shame.
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