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RE: Domestic electric supply for EV users

Originally Posted by Andrew*Debbie
What is surprising (at least to me) was that shopping around only a handful of plans were cheaper than Ecotricity. And the premium wasn't large.
That's what I found. I think the totally cheapest in my area for my usage was about £60 a year less than Ecotricity. That works out at £5 a month, before taking into account the dual fuel discount and a nation wide (their words not mine) charging network. A small extra price to pay as the profits get turned into new capacity and there are no massive shareholder dividends to pay, just some hippie (sure he won't mind being described such) owner who drives an electric car! I also object to the attitude of many suppliers who make £billions of profit a year, not £millions but £billions just because they can. Ecotricity seem genuine in their quest.

To me these big profits in the £billions is taking the p*ss big time and everybody moans but few do anything. Same as the folk who grumble about the price of petrol, yet drive a 3 litre 4x4.

The hippies were right; if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
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