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Insurance and battery hire.

[started from another thread]

Originally Posted by GrumpyCabbie
How was the HV battery billing? Pain and hassle free? Easy? How was insurance? What insurance value do they want you to put on it? What happens if the car is totalled and they pay you 8,000 market value? Unlikely but crashes happen. I'd hate to pay 8,500 for a Fluence, total it, get paid out 8,000 and get a bill from Renault for 6,000 for the batteries.
I'm with Direct Line. The battery hire agreement states on it that it is up to me (us) to make sure the insurance covers it (~8,000). The dealer felt Direct Line was ahead of the game and understood this, but I still checked up on it and they didn't really seem to be quite clear - the chap I was speaking to went off to phone up the underwriters. They said as long as the battery was fitted to the car (i.e. not removable - which I hesitated to complicate the matter by mentioning the 'Better Place' model) then it was insured to 40k (Direct Line simply use a blanket value level). They would then provide funds sufficient to replace the car with the like model (which could be more difficult than simply agreeing to the money, seeing as there aren't too may around!!!)

The insurance premium was less than my diesel Vectra. The battery is billed from a direct debit, just as any other finance deal.
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