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Pedestrians & Cyclists

Anyone had any near misses yet?

I only ask because while leaving work today I go down a lane with big buildings on either side. Normally ICE cars are easily heard as the sound reverbs off the walls. The bloke who walked out behind the white van while checking his mobile got the shock of his life - and was still gazing at me for ages after. You'd think he'd seen a ghost! Mind you, it is that lovely silent tarmac they seem to lay occasionally. Guess I was doing a stealthy 15mph.

Any other close misses out there?
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RE: Pedestrians & Cyclists

They did it all the time when I drove a big rattly diesel London taxi! Then look at you like you're the problem.

Just get a dash cam and sue their arses if they do walk out in front of you and you hit them [hr]
I used to work for a blind college in the taxi job and was worried about the hybrid with the students. They actually loved the car and could hear it coming on electric once they knew what it was. They said they liked it because they could hear OTHER things as well which are normally drowned out by a diesel clattering.
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RE: Pedestrians & Cyclists

Had this on the Twizy, although to be fair he was also wearing earbuds.... Got an embarrassed smile/wave as he sprinted out of the way!

Agree about the dash cam - I needed mine not for pedestrians, but road bullies in cars who felt I shouldn't' be on the road.
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RE: Pedestrians & Cyclists

I think a dash cam like a GoPro is a very good idea. Even if you're not in an EV there are too many aggressive dunderheads on the road at the moment. Not sure why.
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