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I'd be interested in other peoples averages? I've had the car since mid-feb reset the comp when purchased and covered about 1500 miles with an average of 3.41 Mpkwh although at the moment it seems to be going up about 0.02 every 2-3 days.
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RE: MPKwh?

Azc, I reset the computer at every charge and keep a log. The m/kwh reading does not correspond with what you would expect. Assuming a 22kwh battery and a range achieved of, say 75 miles, that should give a reading of 3.41 whereas I actually achieve 4.40 which would be correct for 17kw used. However it is an interesting readout.

Over the past 10 charges and a distance of 580 miles my average m/kwh works out at 4.75.

The figure is driving and temperature-dependent so will rise as summer approaches. My worst figure during the coldest period was 2.49, driving quite hard and with the heater on. In the past week I've had readings of 5.31 and 5.13 with normal driving and no heat on.

Years ago I used to keep a log of fuel consumption on my cars, so old habits die hard.

After charging the estimated range I find pretty accurate and I am pleased to see that at last it's crept up to 90, a sure sign of spring.
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RE: MPKwh?

I monitored each trip until the cold weather set in, and have not reset the gauge since. I have had:

Over Summer = 4.6mi/kWh overall gauge indicated (4.2mi/kWh from the wall)
Over Winter = 3.55mi/kWh overall gauge indicated (wall consumption not monitored)

Best indicated on a long, slow motorway run was an indicated 5.7mi/kWh

I wasn't monitoring over winter but my worst range went down to around 48 miles, equivalent to 2.25mi/kWh

(FWIW:- If you want to get a feel for what that is in equivalent mpg (imperial), then use 40 MPGe = 1 mi/kWh. So I range between 90 MPGe worst to 228 MPGe best.)

You can also judge your mileage against my guide. If you think it is inaccurate in your experience, then let me know.

Mileage guide:-
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