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RE: No air through Dashboard vents

That sounds generally like I would expect, so I am not sure there is anything more I can suggest.

One thing might be that if the air flow is only just a little warmer than ambient then you won't feel like it is blowing, because the cooling effect of the air flow will offset the heating effect of the warmer air. You can hold a piece of paper in front of the vent to see if air is coming out, because instinct says you should expect to feel a cold or warm draught, and you might not feel either with a luke-warm flow.

Also, if you have it on windscreen then a) depending on the previous setting you might have [accidentally] selected air con too so the air will be cooler, and/or b) the air is cooled by the cold window so you get little heat.

In any case, if you read back you will find my recommendations for most efficient heating settings, which consists of using minimum (half a fan-blade) speed with 19 or 20C and directed only at the feet. This should create a little 'pool' of warmth around the feet that works its way up. If you pick this setting then after 5 mins or so you should be able to reach down and feel warmth coming out. You're not going to be sweating with the heat but it is adequate and you don't freeze.

It never throws out blisteringly hot air like an ICE. Those days are gone with EVs!

Also I'll mention that I never run the centre dash vents at all for any heating function. I tried various settings before reaching this recommendation, but the face vents are very inefficient at keeping the car warm. I keep them closed to help put the air down to the feet. I leave open the side vents that, even with to-feet air, will put a small flow of air onto the side windows (as does the windscreen vent). So with to-feet ventilation you still get demisting for up to two people (or one and two kids). You need to pick the flow rates up a little if you have more in the car, or if it is raining.

Hope that helps![hr]
For pre-heat, the car does, indeed, not get very warm. There is no user-selection on the temperature. If you look back you'll see we've discussed this before and even plotted out the temperature ramp.

The car continues to heat for 30 mins after the set time, so the recommendation is to set the time 15 mins before you are actually expecting to use the car. This will give the car an extra 1/4 hr to soak up the heat and reach a warmer equilibrium. In the usual run of things, the car is still in the process of 'warming up' by the time you get to the set time.
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RE: No air through Dashboard vents

I will have a search through the forums re ideal settings for heating.

The 15 minutes extra time on pre-heat would have probably done the job this morning, about to go out now and change it for tomorrow.

I cant say I feel a thing through the front facing vents but will try the paper tip.

Thanks for all the pointers.

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RE: No air through Dashboard vents

I would also add that having had my car 2-3 weeks now I'm almost agog at why EVs haven't caught on - except for the heat and ventilation system, which is a) confusing and b) broadly ineffective.
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RE: No air through Dashboard vents

This may be the same problem that I had with my Fluence (see Winter Heating Problem thread) had no air from either the dadh or footwell vents - air only went to the windscreen at all setting. i booked car in to get it investigated and it that turned out to be a defective vent control unit that Renault Colchester had to replace. Turned out to be quite a big job - the part had to be ordered from France and took 3 weeks to deliver then 2 days to fit as the entire dash had to come out to install. Pleased to report that since replacing the ventilation now works perfectly and I now have no complaints about the Fluence's heating - the pre heat function is brilliant and heats up much quicker than my ICE car. I'd suggest getting the car checked out by a Renault dealer.
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RE: No air through Dashboard vents

Thanks for the input Rob.

I will certainly book it into Renault ASAP.

I was hoping it was just a Pollen Filter (quick fix), but I guess whatever the problem it will be done under warranty.

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