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My Renault (nightmare)

Just tried registering my present car. Couldn't do it as it wasn't on their database although its previous owner was Renault's Managing Director.

Got that sorted and tried registering. Regno. OK. Mileage OK. Miles per year OK. Date of renewal of car - entered the correct figures using their down boxes OK.

NO. "Please enter full date". I bl***y did, you cretin!

Can't go no further. I GIVE UP.
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RE: My Renault (nightmare)

You probably do not want to here this, but I have just this minute registered my Fluence with "My Renault" first time with no problems.

I contacted Renault Customer services at 4:30 PM this afternoon as "My Renault" did not recognise my car registration with previous attempts. When I got home just now was able to register it and confirm I had a 4+ year warranty when my dealer said I only had 3.

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RE: My Renault (nightmare)

Mine worked too with no issues - do you think William signalled his intention and it's trying to get it's own back? MD's Fluence? Wow - only one of us can make that claim!
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RE: My Renault (nightmare)

Watch out for the 4+ warranty. As my original csr is still on My Renault I checked and found it too has the 4+ package. This comprised warranty and breakdown cover. No mention of servicing. So a 4+ package can in reality be only a 2+ package where 2 represents the number of items in the package. Sneaky, eh?
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RE: My Renault (nightmare)

What a difference a night can make. Today My Renault happily accepted the same insurance renewal date as I tried in vain yesterday to enter into their database. Doesn't it fill you with confidence in computers?

Whereas my original car did not cover servicing, the current car does. Yippee.

P.S. I should mention that although My Renault clearly fails to indicate my white car came with free servicing, the Renault Retail Group advert for the car clearly showed it DID come with free servicing! What's that expression about right hand and left hand?
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