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65 and rising

Great day in my neck of the woods yesterday. Z.E services tells me I have a range of 65 miles!! That is the best range result I have had since signing up to Z.E Services in October.
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RE: 65 and rising

I was brave enough on Tuesday not to recharge after my 34 mile daily round trip commute, so did two round trips (68) miles on one charge. On arrival back at home was showing an indicated range of 20 miles, so up to 88 !!

Back in January, pre heating, heater on as low as possible, headlights and wipers I was looking at a full charge range of 52 miles so a 60% increase and its only Spring.
Roll on summer - will I manage 3 commutes on one charge !
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RE: 65 and rising

You could, but you would have to go for the 'most saintly' range of driving.

But it is better that you do not get to high or low of the battery. Better to just stick in the middle, for battery longevity. Although rented, it does still make a difference because you'll spend less time with a >90% capable battery if you flog it.

In winter, I have been charging up fully out of necessity. Plug in at bedtime and forget til morning.

In summer last, I used to oscillate between 25% and 75% for my 45mile commute. I could do two on one charge, but that's poor for the battery, and also might cause problems if you happen to have a necessary diversion to get kids/shopping/roadworks/etc..

I'd plug in for 4 hrs once back home and simply unplug later in the evening at 75%. That way you can keep the battery in its 'most cosy' range of charge. Maybe give it an overnight to 100% once a week for battery maintenance purposes, usually on Thurs night so that once home on Friday I have a 50% charged car over the weekend. Nice for the battery SOC, and enough to do any 'emergency' runs anywhere.
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RE: 65 and rising

Huh, I've just gone down from 89 to 88. Mind you, it was only 9-10 degrees outside this afternoon.
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