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Charge while driving


Do anybody know if it is possible to disable the sensor in the Z.E. that detects when the charging head is connected to the car?

I have a large battery 230V supply station capable of charging the Z.E. for a couple of hours. It would be nice if i could extend the range of the Z.E. while driving by charging the car at the same time.

Right now it is impossible to start the Z.E. when the charging head is connected to the vehicle.

Maybe it is possible by the can-bus?

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RE: Charge while driving

I would doubt the charger and inverter can operate at the same time, even if you could [dangerously] drive off with an actively charging plug sticking out of the car. It is a non-starter. It would have to be a feature of the car power train designed from the start.
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RE: Charge while driving

I was thinking to make a second connection from the inside to avoid this problem. Guess my chances are quit poor to even find any information about this topic.
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RE: Charge while driving

I'd say, nil. As the charger would only charge at 3.5kW anyway and you need an average of around 15kW for your driving, you will only extend the range by around 10 minutes of driving if you charge whilst driving for an hour. So you would never be able to drive 'continually' with your system in any case.

It would be far far simpler to forget about trying to charge while driving, and simply carry your extra battery pack and just stop and plug it in when needed. All this will mean is you take an extra 10 mins for your break. If you ran the battery to flat and then recharged to 100% with a 25kWh pack you have built into the boot, that'd be 10 mins on top of 6 hours. Whether you charge in 5 hrs 50 mins or 6 hours, I can't see saving 10 mins is worth the hassle you are contemplating.
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RE: Charge while driving

Maybe this is intersting for you!

Wonder if he ever built this!
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RE: Charge while driving

Oh dear the hotrodder have moved over to sensible family electric saloon cars. Is there nothing they won't try to "improve"???

It's like this - you use a cup to move the tea to your lips, but not for getting water from the well. For that get a bucket.

For drinking tea, don't use a bucket.

Translating to cars. We have a brilliant set of in-county cars already in the Fluence and Zoe. Job done. No improvements needed, thank you.

We don't yet have electric cars for in-country travel save for the Tesla S, and it's over powerful, and too expensive. So we need to be patient, and wait for the new generation.

We don't have cross-continent (see how I carefully avoided saying in-continent) cars of any type, petrol, diesel or electric, although aircraft manage it, so it's not impossible. In fact most cars have enough range for one day of driving, 300 to 600 miles, no more. It's not an impossible target for electric cars to achieve.

Tesla have a big enough battery, but it's expensive, so have gone the route of putting in a big motor to classify the Model S as a performance car, which it is. But the cost is similar to a Maserati Ghibli V6 diesel which is better furnished, more beautiful, and cheaper to operate.

Converting a Fluence to run further would be better done by putting in bigger batteries, and then you would have to wire them in parallel, or simpler, have a change over switch between packs. There is insufficient space in the boot, so you will lose the back seat, plus a bit of acceleration.

There is a compromise to be made between power, weight, cost and a dozen other things. Most manufacturers are good at such product planning. A man working alone in his garden shed can improve some parts, but usually only by buggering up lots of other things.

Leave well alone when it works. And it works just fine right now.

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