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Six Months & 5k Miles

Just noticed that I've made it past the half-year, and have just realised I still get a kick out of the Fluence every time I sit in it, amazed I was in the right place at the right time to benefit from it.

It did help that I was swapping from a Twizy which, although it was fun, did not deliver on the promise.... 35m between charges was a major disincentive (ignoring the lack of windows (cabin security), heater and intolerance from other road users at its size and speed.

Even when I park next to a Leaf, it is the Fluence that gets the attention, from passers by....
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RE: Six Months & 5k Miles

Yes, the Leaf looks terrible. There has never been a beautiful car from the Far East, but the Leaf manages to out-ugly them all.

I pulled into a car sales lot a while back and the sales guy muttered about how ugly the Fluence was. I don't know which side of bed he got out of that morning, but I reminded him he had nothing to brag about with all the BMWs he had for sale, surely the ugliest marque in the whole of Europe, as well as the dullest to drive.

Yes, we too are still brimming with enthusiasm for the Fluence, long may it continue. It's the smug satisfaction that helps, that we know something about it that others haven't noticed. Apart from a few puzzled looks as we pass people quietly in the country lanes, most people don't notice that we are different.

Good stuff, and such cheap amusement.
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RE: Six Months & 5k Miles

I like the Lexus LS series, and the GS300 is good too, but I'm struggling to prove you wrong beyond those exceptions.

Front is reasonable, but from half way back the Leaf looks to me like its come out of a Manga cartoon.
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RE: Six Months & 5k Miles

I do think the i3 is uglier than the Leaf - I spoke with an owner who had just crimped his front at a bollard and he was particularly intolerant about the provision on any bumper strip.

My biggest laugh was when calling CYC to report a non working chargepoint and I was asked my make of car. On saying Fluence there was a pause - 'a what?'

She'd never heard of it!
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