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No news?

Since Donald's car went on its holidays to the dealer things seem to have gone very quiet. I understand donald's still waiting to hear is anyone can discover what's wrong apart from a pretty clear red message on the dash!

Can I assume that, for the rest of us Fluence owners no news is good news and that all is going smoothly?

With summer coming to an end has anyone managed an extended trip with their Fluence, and if so, how did they get on? I've not been brave enough yet, though I would dearly like to use the Fluence rather than have to hire a car, with all that entails.

Still looking for 100+ miles per charge this year. Last year I was achieving it regularly so I guess the battery has taken a bit of a hit. I don't seem to have been driving any differently - but I'm not grumbling, for local trips what I'm achieving is absolutely fine.

What I am achieving, however, is high miles/kwh figures - last charge worked out at 5.75 for an indicated 15kw usage (86-92 miles), actual mileage 89 with 9 remaining unused. Must have been closer to 16kw used which begs the question, where's the rest of the battery gone? It can't have deteriorated if I'm getting that sort of mileage, but I dream of finding the remaining 6kw and getting 135 miles per charge!!! I guess the answer is in losses within the system, but a 40% loss? That's as inefficient as an ICE car.
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RE: No news?

Everything's ticking over nicely - the best mileage a I got was 97, so missed the ton and as it's getting colder, I reckon that's it for the year!
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RE: No news?

I don't think my car is off on holiday. More like in solitary confinement as I haven't heard a dickey-bird from or about it!

Towards 'the end', I also felt that I was not getting the mileage I got last year. I think I commented on it somewhere here? Maybe 5%ish loss I'd guess, if I had to put a figure on it.

Funnily enough, my Vectra diesel that has been parked up, untouched, for a year still had enough charge in the 12V battery to crank the engine over! Can you believe it? Seems to run perfectly (MoT soon), and even though it is 14 years old I can still get 600 kWh (60 litres of fuel) into it!!
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RE: No news?

I never managed to go over 90 miles according to the guessometer, but two 34 miles round trips on one charge to work at the height of summer left me with an indicate range of 24 miles ?

It's dropping now though - headlights and heater on at 6am kill the range.

Been an interesting weekend with the Fluence though.
Took the wifes Grand Scenic into the local Renault dealer for a service on Saturday, and asked the service guy for a quote to service my Fluence. Gave him my reg. number (private plate) and saw his face light up ! He recognised the same plate that was on my original (written off) Fluence, telling me how the car was recovered to them by Aviva for battery removal. Apparently, it was quite an event, with both RUK and Aviva filming the process. A postoumous, and fitting end to my original Fluence. Apparently, battery was removed and duly shipped to France to be "reconditioned" at a cost of 700. Still no idea where the car its self (minus battery) ended up.

On Sunday, visiting mum at a care home, and when leaving was approached by a guy who had also been visiting one of his parents. He asked me about the Fluence, before going on to mention his son was involved in the development of the car - and has one as a company car. Forget the name of the company, but his son is based in the London area. The guy I spoke to was somewhat stunned as it was the only one he had ever seen other than his sons.

Apart from that, my Fluence carries on fading into the background, barely getting a second look - apart from when it's in stealth mode in the supermarket car park.

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RE: No news?

Sorry I've not been about to report anything. Nothing much to report.

Still enjoy the car immensely and still get a pang of excitement when driving it away from work. I'm not sure I remember such a sustained period of novelty in a car I've owned, any thrill of ownership usually having worn off in a period of just a few days, and a vague sense of boredom creeping in thereafter once the car is parked on your driveway and no longer just an inaccessible photo in a magazine. I think it's the power delivery that does it for me - I still drive it like a fast conventional car, enjoying that huge spill of torque when you head off somewhere, which incidentally I think is how most new EV owners will drive their cars. Drivetrain warranties beware.

I've not yet done anything with ZE Services because I don't understand what it is, nor was anything made clear to me at the time of sale - from a dealer who incidentally went out of business within a month of me handing over the money. In much the same way that I cannot summon the enthusiasm to drive about like an agoraphobic nun and rinse all the value I can from the readouts on the dash, I cannot summon the enthusiasm to watch those numbers go up and down from my smartphone. Or whatever it is they do, and whatever the **** ZE Services actually does.

On the subject of ZE, I do wish Renault had chosen something less arrogant and a little more obvious for describing their electric fleet - but then they are French. Most of the people who spot the car wired in to the mains start their discussion by assuming it's some sort of elaborate hybrid, the ZE badge meaning precisely nothing to them. It would also be nice to announce to the car behind you that you're driving an electric version that is quite evidently as capable and as perky as theirs is - and might they want to take a longer look at the idea? But like I said, there's really nothing telling strangers what it is. I'm quite certain that simply being behind me on my commute home dispels every myth going and would have had at least a dozen people getting home and investigating switching their car for an EV.

Reliability: nothing to report. No warning messages. Nothing at all out of the ordinary.

Anything else: colder mornings and evenings and the SOC meter dropping like a spanner down a lift shaft when using the heater has reminded me why my particular EV is impractical and why I still have other cars.

Finally on the matter of other cars, I too must echo the sentiments in another thread which is to say that donald's contributions here were a majoar part of the reason I chose a Fluence. It would be a crying shame if those disorganised clowns at Renault can't sort this out for him.
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