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Write me a review of your Renault ZE (to be published)

Hello, my name is Michael Boxwell. I've been driving electric cars for the past eight years, writing and broadcasting about them for the past five and developing electric vehicles with various manufacturers, including Renault, since 2009.

I guess you could say that I've been bitten by the EV bug!

I have a new book coming out at the end of this year - the 2015 Electric Car Guide. It's written for people who are considering buying an electric car for the first time and who want to know what it is like.

One of the most popular chapters in previous editions of the book has been the chapter entitled 'Me and my electric car'. It's been written by various electric car owners, recounting the experiences they have had with their electric car, both good and bad. I would love to get some experiences from Renault ZE owners, particularly owners of Twizy, Zoe and Kangoo. I am particularly interested in having reviews from people who have owned and used their electric car for at least six months.

You can write as much or as little as you like - anything from 150 words up to a couple of thousand if you really want to. In return, you'll get your work in print and you'll get a free copy of the book once it has been published.

If you are interested, drop me a private message with your e-mail address and I'll get in touch.

Thank You!
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RE: Write me a review of your Renault ZE (to be published)

Well, as a professional journalist for 30 years, I'm quite happy to assist and provide as much copy as you like, however a copy of the book won't pay the rent (or even an EV recharge).

If you want the poop on Twizy and Fluence use, or even the UK's first EV motorbike (Vectrix VX1) rattle my cage if there's some money in it.
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RE: Write me a review of your Renault ZE (to be published)

A smooth, sophisticated and sublime ride compromised only by a rather overly-direct steering response and occasionally a bit crashy over potholes, but never with any rattles or creaks. A very solid feeling car, in fact. Reminded me a bit of the ride from a sporty Jaguar saloon. In my eyes, a very elegant styling. A generous interior size, beating any current passenger EV in its ability to carry 5 adults.

Pleasant uncomplicated interior that, fortunately, pays little heed to modern trends to over-bling a dashboard. More classy that a modern bling Jag or Audi, in fact. Nice quality level of seats and materials.

Electric motors are perfect devices to drive a car. Zero transmission jerks and compromises. Has an independent braking system from the regen system, and has a conventional mechanical hand-brake, so has none of the 'blending' problems some other EVs, like the Leaf, suffer. However, the 'creep' mode in the Fluence is a bit odd and I have never noticed a 'hill hold assist' function that the car is claimed to have.

More economical than other EVs out there, despite its physical size. Over 4mi/kWh is the norm, usually 4.5 to 5 = 100 mile range. Very aerodynamic means there is essentially zero wind noise at pretty much any speed.

Water collects in the scuttle panel, which block up with debris collecting in the overly-small drain holes. Will probably lead to problems with soaked electrics in the future if owners are not wary.

Boot is fine for all purposes I have needed of it. If you use the long shape intelligently, it is no real limitation. The main problem with the boot is that there is no hand grip to pull the boot lid down with.

A charging point on either side of the car is very handy on occasions.

The general balance of the car is perfect and with stability control that has instant control over the traction motor, the car can corner in a truly extraordinary fashion when pushed.

My car failed after 10,000 miles in a manner that left me with no capacity to creep home, or anywhere. Never been left stranded by a car before. Failed motor and/or inverter. The car was returned at the end of its lease.

The main problem with EVs is winter use. If you use an EV in the same way you might use an internal combustion engined car then it can be as bad as seeing your range halve. I was routinely achieving 100 mile range in the first summer with fairly average driving, neither fast but not particularly slow. In winter that was more like 60 to 65 miles, and 50 miles if I kept up full legal speeds on the motorway together with heating. To be fair to Renault, they do state a range of 56 miles in winter for the car. The range of an EV should be rated on its winter range, not summer range.

I believe I saw a small drop in range in the time I had mine. Certainly not as much as 10%, but there was some change. So maybe 5% in 10k miles.

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