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What mileage are we getting?

Dear all,

just as a precursor, I am thoroughly out of love with my Fluence. Far from being a liberating experience, driving an electric car is (especially in winter) an absolute liability.

I would be really interested to know what range is being displayed (and achieved) by you good people.

Typically I am seeing between 58-63 miles depending on temperature. On my own this seems to hold up during the day, but when it is really cold and I have the family in the car I have to crank up the heating and then we drop down to below 40 miles. My wife did run the car flat a month or so ago in that really cold snap. That was painful all round!


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RE: What mileage are we getting?

Hi Bob. Doesn't sound that unusual really.

I posted extensively during my first winter, and gave various tips and experiences. Look a few posts down the following thread, see if it ties up with your experience:-


A longer search will reveal more of my 'experiences' which might be informative. With practice and using the tips I discuss, you should find 70 miles range in it. Maybe.

I suspect you might be suffering from a 5 to 10% battery degradation by now. Remember these are the 'first gen' NEC LMO cells, the same that the largest fraction of Leaf owners generally say they lose the first bar (15%) at 25~35k in the US. So if you were to add that back in, then it looks about right.

Renault, at least to their credit, state 56 miles in their brochure for the Fluence range in winter conditions. I think that's a little pessimistic for a new battery, but certainly not far out.

Multiple short runs in a day gives terrible range because you end up repetitively heating the car which sucks vast amounts of electrical energy. You need to aim charge at least every other time that you stop!

I restate my very best tip for heating in the car, as I have done many times - set the vents to footwell only and set the fan to a single blade. You want the slowest fan speed because what you push into the car will, somewhere, push warm air out. This turns out to be the biggest loss. On the Fluence, the footwell setting gives just enough flow to the screen and side windows to stop you misting up. Set 19C to stave off the cold, or up to 22C on taste, and leave that setting so it runs at a low but constant setting. The eco cuts the heating on and off and this seems to suck juice very badly. This setting will save your battery energy, I promise!

Also block the gap around the column adjust with some thin foam, or any other padding you can find. Yep, that IS a cold draught coming from there. Hadn't noticed? You will now!!.....
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RE: What mileage are we getting?

I'm currently having 46-58 reported, and this seems pretty accurate. It dropped to this in late November when the ambient temp fell to 10C. As you are aware, using heating is a double-edged sword... Wasn't an issue in the Twizy - I just wore thicker gloves.
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RE: What mileage are we getting?

My range is currently shown as 56 miles after a full charge.

I started out this winter being blasé with the heating, setting the car to Auto at 20C and simply sucking up the fact it would require recharging more often. The journey to work is no more than 12 miles and with the heat on it would chew out just over a quarter of the SOC level. So, having returned home each evening the car would require plugging in were I to be able to take it the next day.

That was fine, except I quickly became annoyed that I was paying for the charge at home, the 240V granny cable at work being not just a faff but also something that needed more time than was actually available. Plus, and though I've often said I drive the car no differently to any petrol or diesel counterpart, EV ownership gives you a significantly greater appreciation of energy use - well, energy waste - and I came to resent just how much the battery level was being chewed into by heat generation. And not even very good heat generation at that. I've never ever been warm in the Fluence like I've been warm in the Subaru.

So I now do what donald describes, which is to tick the heat over gradually and only when really necessary. I do use a quick blast of the front screen when starting off - I have no idea why, but the Renault is the worst car I've owned for what looks like a half inch of condensation inside the screen each morning - but I get most of my heat from the fact I'm wearing sturdy clothes. It's like taking a bicycle, in that it is what it is. Unless you think ahead you'll get cold.

Perhaps the main reason I don't hate my car in winter is because I have other stuff parked on my driveway. Present battery and heating tech mean that the EV is strictly a second car only; it works brilliantly as a commuting shuttle but there is no getting away from its limitations. Particularly a first generation EV like the Fluence.
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RE: What mileage are we getting?

I agree with everything except the Fluence being 1st Gen, I placed it around 1.75 as the technology is well placed - OK, no charging faster than 16a but that suits my estate lifestyle - but it's size and design definitely Gen 2.0. This is no city car.
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RE: What mileage are we getting?

Originally Posted by donald
You want the slowest fan speed because what you push into the car will, somewhere, push warm air out. This turns out to be the biggest loss.
I suspected it to be like that - you give the explanation, thanks!

Also block the gap around the column adjust with some thin foam, or any other padding you can find. Yep, that IS a cold draught coming from there. Hadn't noticed? You will now!!.....
I noted there is quite some cold air coming in from somewhere when driving on the highway - now I know WHERE it comes from - good tip!

And a tip from my side: Use the preheating function from mains. It will save you the miles you'd otherwise use to heat up the cold car (plus demisting windscreen etc). Moreover, it prevents you from driving off with poor visibility, and - it's cosy, you will stay comfortable for longer time, even when heating sparingly during driving.

My range at the moment (80% highway, mostly 0...5°C ambient temp) is approx. 80km, after 3 years and 30'000km battery usage.
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RE: What mileage are we getting?

About 50 miles in the winter. Heating on 20C Auto (Never been on anything else other than auto)

When I bought the car I said I would be happy with 50 miles and I still am. That because my commute is a nice round 30 miles. If range ever drops below the 30 mile mark then the car yes would be a liability.

Car has not cost me a bean in 17 months of motoring, zip, zilch, big fat zero. I need to buy 2 front tyres next month I reckon as getting close to limit. Not bad for 21,000 miles.

Never even had to buy a bulb for the thing. The only 'work' I have even done is put washer fluid in it!!!

In my experience of cars that is quite a unique and rewarding experience
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RE: What mileage are we getting?

I am getting about 50-60 miles, have been since about November. These early cold mornings are a killer for the car, I cannot wait till the temperatures get back above the 10C and heads higher. Having said that the lower mileage has not impacted on me with my small commutes of 18 miles a day. I just plug in more often.

I have been taking advantage of SOME of the sunny days we have been having. I have used recently for the first time my 3 pin charge cable and carried out a slow charge to take best advantage of my solar panels.

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