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Savings with my Fluence ZE

Hello all,

I thought I would share with you the good savings I am making with my Fluence.

I use it as a commuter car from home to work and back again, with in-town run about's near to home. My commute is 35miles each way (to Newcastle), working out at 350 miles per week, neglecting additional trips and weekends - but in reality I don't work every week and sometimes work away so I generally do slightly inside 14,000 miles per year in it.

Battery rental at this mileage costs 113 per month - 1356 per year.

On current mileage, working on an optimistic average MPG of 50mpg and an average fuel cost per litre of 115p/litre, that would cost me 1463 per year.

So, I'm saving already, but I hear you say what about electricity costs?

In Newcastle I can park and charge for free, the Fluence has enough range if I drive conservatively to get me to work from home where I charge for free on a 7kW charger and then back home, then have enough charge left to get back to the charging point at work with only about a one hour or less charge at home - sometimes no charging at home.

Now it comes to the parking saving. Parking in a City Centre is always expensive, my workplace does not actually have a carpark for staff (got rid and built on it...) so, the options are;

1) Buy tickets everyday at 8/day, that's 40 every week I am at work, say that's 45 weeks a year - that's a 1800 per year saving, minimum.

2) I but a permit and park without buying tickets, that's around 1200 per year.

So, all in all, if I say that I spend a little amount of money on charging and all of my benefit is derived from the parking savings, that's still a minimum saving of 1200 per year or 100 per month, maximum saving of 150 - which I consider to be a good saving.

Coupled with cheap insurance, no road tax and minimal maintenance costs, the Fluence was a no brainer and I even got an excellent deal on the vehicle purchase price (less than 7000).

It has had a new motor and I expect I will be needing a new battery soon but Renault have been great with their service and response to my queries - I cant fault them thus far.

I wondered what kind of saving others make? What experiences have you had with Renault in relation toy our EV? Good / bad etc. ?
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RE: Savings with my Fluence ZE

Thanks for that - very interesting. I do a lower mileage, just under 6000 a year, for the 77 PM lease and I did a similar calculation of fuel comparison costs to yours.

I reckoned lease plus charging cost me about the same as the fuel on an equivalent car, say a Mondeo, but at under 7000 as a fully loaded (leather sat nav etc) low miles car bought in late 2013, it cost me up to ten grand less than an equivalent petrol car to buy.

I think your 30 miles each way commute is probably bang on the sweet spot for EV use at the current state of technology - you're racking up a lot of miles, but on each individual day you're staying comfortably within range.

I have found the servicing cheap as well (just over 100 for a big service,56 for a small one) and I've found the Renault service pretty good. Sometimes they're obviously fumbling in the dark a bit because they see so few Fluences and EVs are a new thing but bearing that in mind, they've been pretty good.

I feel the cars are also pretty well supported considering there are so few out there (take the replacement of the charging cables, for example) and the dealer has mentioned a couple of software upgrades, which suggests they are still honing things or sorting snags as they come up.

My Fluence was totally reliable until recently when it needed new brushes (the car was running normally but an orange warning light alerted me to it). These were fitted without quibbles and are apparently a new improved design.
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RE: Savings with my Fluence ZE

To add to Dave's experience, i concur - but fortunately I've not had the Orange light! As to the savings - mine are somewhat greater, bearing in mind the similar initial savings - I cover just within the lease 6k limit, however all my charging and parking are free - thanks to Glasgow City Council's enlightened approach to EV use, and I stopped paying to park in 2013. They also provide free 7Kw charge posts and at home I charge when my solar panels are generating. Prior to this I used the E7 rate overnight, which was minimal cost.

My motorbike costs more to run!
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