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Anyone local?

Hi All,

Bit of a random one here but is anyone local to Newton Aycliffe with a Fluence? I seem to remember seeing a post that someone had taken one to middlesborough for some work

reason being i am having ongoing issues with my charge point, Rolec say its fine i say how can it be fine its never charged the car properly and keeps switching on and off!

I'm sure they think its my car (which renault have checked and re-checked and say there is no issue) but mine charges fine on every other point its ever been charged on (using the new recalled cable)

I thought maybe if anyone was local enough to do a round trip they could come and plug in on my point to see if their fluence charged or not!

at the moment i am at a bit of a stalemate with them and trying to avoid taking further action against them but as it stands i don't know what else i can do to try and prove its the charge point not the car!
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RE: Anyone local?

I am not even close to you, But.
We have had experience of a lot of charge points, although not the one you have as they are not allowed to be used here.
It is unlikely to be the vehicle as I have seen them work on crap electricity & a consistent problem you are describing would not be in the cars intelligence to develop.

Any issues I have seen are the charge points.
Most common one is a bad connection within the charge unit.
I would suggest opening the charge unit, give all of the connections a very good strong pull and also the lead connections including the trailing socket.

I have seen on some manufacturers units the use of klippon type connectors (which are perfect when used properly) with different size conductors in one connection, which to most engineers and electricians is an obvious No No.
This would mean a connection been made under light load but as the current ramps up a resistance develops causing a shutdown.

However as the company are now saying its not the charge point, I would have said the Charge point test unit the installer used to check the installation after you called them back to check should have shown up this issue.

Sorry I am not able to be of more help, I would say it is a bit of an odd attitude the manufacturer has, as any I have dealt with nearly fall over themselves to see what can be done to remedy any issue as it means they have an answer to remedy any future query from a owner who rings them up or emails them.

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RE: Anyone local?

in my experience, the biggest problem is local voltage fluctuations which cause the car to drop the on connection. Have you ever checked whether our installation has wide ranging voltages?
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RE: Anyone local?

thanks to all for your suggestions, the installer came and changed the unit for a non tethered cable version allowing us to charge with the new renault charge cable and what do you know it works fine!

so as i thought it was either their cable or plug causing the issue
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