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Fluence lover of 9 months

Fell in love with my blue Fluence ZE May 2015 like all great relationships had a first little tiff which happened at midnight December 23rd at the start of my Christmas holiday. I turned the key and had a big red warning sign appear ELECTRICAL FAILURE! 16 miles from home just finished a 12 hour shift, forgot my mobile and no buses still running ! Is the love of your life any different ?
Couldn't be bothered with waiting for the breakdown service so got home by other means, went back in the morning in my little Picanto ice car ( wife wouldn't let me trade it in for the fluence) turned the key in the fluence and an Orange light appeared check electrical circuits then disappeared leaving the green go light on !
I had just had it serviced at a very friendly Arnold Clark's dealership two days before they only charged 56 for service which included two software upgrades and the car had been valeted. I was told it needed a new vacuum pump for the braking system which was on a free recall which was to be carried out in two weeks. I drove it down to the garage and said I would pick it up after Christmas when they had sorted everything out.
Boy did I miss the car!! that was when I knew i just loved this Fluence and would forgive minor indiscretions as long as they are not too regular.
Got the Fluence back and it hasn't let me down since but the red light keeps coming on occasionally for a split second when starting! the garage said they couldn't find anything wrong with it hmmmm.
This led me to this forum and which I now have more of an idea of the possible cause and I'm certainly not the first person to have the red screen of death thrust in your face!
I have covered 7K miles so far and signed up for 11K per year for 99 battery lease and with another 12 months warranty left, I'm not too concerned, I just got quoted 32 per month from a well known third party warranty company, so after the Renault one ends you can still have peace of mind albeit at an extra cost.
I wanted to refer to my Fluence as a she but it feels like a he so have named him USS Enterprise.
Have lots to say but bored you all enough already so bye for now.

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