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Time to charge to 100%

Since the cold weather set in I've been logging how long it has taken to charge from approx. 25% up to 100%. My figures refer to the 10A charging cable.

Over 5 charges the figures have varied from 7hrs. 7 mins. to 7hrs. 39mins. while the miles being "replenished" have varied from 64 down to 55.

The latest (sixth) charge has been a surprise. Using the car in a daytime temperature of around +6 the car only achieved 46 miles on a three quarter charge with an estimated 18 miles remaining, giving a low total of just 64 miles. The surprise came with the charge (at a night-time temperature of +4) which completed in a mere 6h 38 mins., an hour less than expected.

My only explanation is that the charge rate is more influenced by mileage gone than by percentage of battery used or by ambient temperature. Does this make sense?
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