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RE: Time to charge to 100%

Thanks for that, Electricdream. I'm just finishing off my Xmas cards (WOW) then I'll dive into your figures and see what I can work out.

I'm still surprised by your m/kwh figures compared with mine. I do wonder whether the dashboard readout is accurate.
To take one example, one of your charges from 16-100% calculated out at 2.68.
On a similar trip in my car, 25-100% calculates out at 2.84 yet the car's readout was a whopping 3.85.
I'll check on the next charge and see if there's a similar high figure being shown.

Right. the mystery deepens! On today's charge:
Miles used 46
Battery used 75%
calculated kwh used 16.5
m/kwh 2.79
dash readout 3.65
and the dash reckons I only used 12kwh.

This has really confused me. Why would the car show battery down to 25% but usage of only 12kwh? Now I have not a clue as to what is going on. Do I have a battery capacity of only 16kwh? If so how do I achieve high mileages in warmer weather? Maybe the battery meter lies in cold weather? Anyone got any ideas - how about someone brave enough to run to empty to check?
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