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Is the Zoe being sold INCLUDING the battery?

Just been on the UK Autotrader and saw a Renault Zoe Dynamique for sale at £21,600.

It makes no mention of the battery lease (as previous adverts have), so I assume the price is for the full car?

Any ideas?
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RE: Is the Zoe being sold INCLUDING the battery?

Since we know Renault's policy - the fact it isn't mentioned will not mean anything other then incompetence in creating the listing.

When originally purchasing the Twizy, I came across someone selling it for £3k more than other sellers, and didn't mention the lease. Asking them to confirm that the price included the battery (which wasn't mentioned) the answer I got was.... No.

They were simply looking for a 'good' price. Needless to say, I didn't bother !
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RE: Is the Zoe being sold INCLUDING the battery?

Buzby, I can understand an owner trying it on with maybe a grand or two over list but £7,000 over for a virtually brand new car? We all guessed the battery price was £7k. This car appears to include the battery. The Leaf with a battery is £21k, without it is £16. The Zoe is £15k and with battery it's £21.5k. Sounds about right. Lot of money for a small hatch though!?!?

Like you say though, with the things have been handled by Renault so far, one would have to be very cautious. You'd hate to spend £21k and then find you had the lease too, though I really doubt it.

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RE: Is the Zoe being sold INCLUDING the battery?

GrumpyCabbie and Busby,

I've just come across this interesting article in Motor Trades Insight online magazine about the folly of Renault's battery policy destroying the Zoe's chances in the marketplace. This excellent article is so relevant that we should all read it. Rather than summarise it and make a mess, here it is with thanks to Motor Trades Insight and Author Danny Hewitt.

Renault must end ‘battery not included' approach to Zoe, if electric cars are to be given a fighting chance, CAP says

By: Danny Hewitt
Published: 5 April 2013

Experts at independent automotive information provider CAP have called on Renault to "give some great electric cars a real chance" in the company car market.

The call came as CAP reaffirmed its decision not to forecast used values for Renault electric vehicles until the battery is included, rather than leased separately.

"We have every confidence in the quality and reliability of the Renault Zoe,” explained CAP Manufacturer Relationship Manager, Martin Ward. “We have seen it, driven it, lived with it and its 90 mile range means it definitely has a place in fleets for shorter range driving purposes.

"But until Renault removes the unnecessary layer of complexity caused by treating the battery as a separate entity to the car, CAP will be unable to forecast its used values so that fleets can work out competitive lease rates.”

The issue has again surfaced after it was reported that Benefit In Kind tax rules for company car drivers will see the Renault Zoe's battery replacement cost added to the car's list price for P11D purposes. That situation was described by CAP as "another nail in the coffin" of Renault electric vehicle prospects in the company car market under the manufacturer's current approach of treating the battery as a separate entity from the car itself.

CAP has been in discussion with Renault for several years over the issue of forecasting used values for a vehicle for which the battery is leased separately from the car.

CAP's forecasters have maintained that it is not possible to forecast the value of a vehicle with no intrinsic source of power - likening it to forecasting the value of a conventional car with no engine.

Now, recently revealed tax rules have added to the challenges created by Renault's approach by further weakening the commercial prospects for Renault-built electric vehicles in the company car market.

Under the rules, which come into force in 2015, a company car driver choosing a Renault Zoe would pay BIK tax on the full list price of the car before the government's 'plug-in car' grant is deducted. On top of that the driver would also pay BIK on the value of the battery - understood to be currently £7,392 including VAT for a Zoe battery. But the car user also has to lease the battery separately, a combination of factors which CAP believes many would-be business customers will view as prohibitively expensive.

CAP believes HMRC has made a fair decision by including the battery in the BIK equation and argues that Renault should reconsider its position as the chances of acceptance for Renault EVs in the crucial company car market recede further into the distance.

Mr Ward added: "HMRC''s decision to base the BIK on the total is only fair, otherwise Ford, for example, could deflate the P11D value of a Mondeo by excluding the engine.

"Our frustration with Renault's approach is based on the fact that we believe the Zoe is a very good car that isn't getting a chance in the all-important fleet market.”"In our opinion it is now time for Renault to give some great electric vehicles they have worked hard to develop and refine a real chance in the company car market by abandoning its ‘battery not included' policy."

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RE: Is the Zoe being sold INCLUDING the battery?

I suspect this price is an inflated 'without Gov grant', and when they've hooked your call they then try to sell at £16,600 suggesting you are getting a £5000 deposit laid for you, but the offer's only good for a few days. Gee, a 25% discount! Better buy it quick!!!

Well, Nissan and VW are both trying this trick by suggesting they are helping out with this 'deposit'.

Anyone without a car yet, give 'em a call!
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RE: Is the Zoe being sold INCLUDING the battery?

I'm wondering if the Zoe does now come with the battery. There are a few on Autotrader at £18,000 second hand. Considering the car wasn't as much as this new, then are we to assume it now comes with the battery?

I've looked at a few of the Zoe adverts on Autotrader and couldn't find one that makes mention of the battery lease.

Saying that though. I did find an advert from Benfield that says they give oil and water top ups for life!

"For life with Benfield, Free oil and water top ups, Drive away in 48 hours of viewing our cars. Easy finance options with great...."

They're taking the **** or having a laugh!? And from my personal experience of Benfield, I fear they probably are. Real funny guys - not .
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