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RE: Shocking battery

You could link to the reference, maybe there is something not quite right about it. (Is it US dollars, for example?)

The Samsung battery is supposed to be a larger battery than the Fluence, AFAIK, because some of that extra space there to accommodate battery changing can now be filled with extra batteries.

Yes, the SM3 will come with the Renault Chameleon charger, not sure if that is 22 or 43kW but is still 'quick'!

It has been said that Renault have stopped selling the Fluence. That may or may not be true, because Renault have said they're stopping making it in Europe. But what might be happening is that the car is made in Korea instead and they import it. With a big battery and fast charging, it might start selling. Maybe better here if they sell it with the battery, though. I don't know renault's current model plans, but they may well be ramping down Fluence manfacture generally in Turkey (it is also an ICE car) and so this might have always been the plan.
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