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Twizy sales - doing well

For a car without side windows, the Renault Twizy sure is selling pretty well. At least, it is in Germany, where 1,000 units have sold since the car went on sale in the middle of April even though we're pretty sure it does rain there. The sales are doubly impressive given all the hesitancy about plug-in cars from the German automakers. Throughout Europe, says French website Moteur Nature, Renault has moved around 6,500 Twizys. The promotional stunts and music videos must be working.

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RE: Twizy sales - doing well

Many people complain about the windows to me but i have yet to have got wet or cold and even if i did who cares i am having to much fun driving the Twizy so i guess you can say the promotional stunts rubbed off on me.... over all i think they will do well with this especially abroad for example if you hire quad bikes to the young holiday kids scrap them and replace with a Twizy fleet much more safer and more trendy and if any one takes up this idea i will accept 10% commission :-P

But overall this news can only be better for Twizy owners the more popular it becomes the more accessories will be made by 3rd party :-)
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RE: Twizy sales - doing well

I thinsk many scrap yards and stores are exist near your city or many on line scrap stores are also exist and you will get the required parts at very reasonable price from there,.,.
E bay and Amazon are the best online sites to sell or buy things quickly,.
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