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Show me where I have said they "should see the light"? Amusing comment to make out I'm swimming against the flow. All my comments and arguments against have been valid. How long does one pay the lease for? When does it stop and how difficult will it be to convince a new owner. Hardly the insinuation you're giving of me.

I have said there are some good reasons to leasing but for them to offer the OPTION of buying outright too - as appears to be the case in the Czech Republic. Maybe Renault will give up and give the batteries at the end of the lease, but maybe they won't and you could potentially be stuck paying the lease or risk ruining your credit rating not paying it.

Leaf owners could indeed be stung, but with owners running up 45,000 miles with only 10% loss, it equates to about 100,000 miles before range reductions could occur. Again, that might be why EV sales are so low.

EV owners aren't a friendly lot overall though.

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