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RE: Which charger?

Not really. None seem to be really living up to a standard you'd expect of a well-honed and polished service offering.

Chargemaster, in their favour, have delivered a good level of customer-focussed service which is a point that seems to be also reflected in other comments on chargers. I haven't seen a bad comment about CM service and electricians. So if you were to start on the basis that, overall, their charge stations are no better nor worse than others (and I cannot really comment as I only have the one which works, though it doesn't log data), then the customer service should swing in their favour.

It's not like there is a big choice right now. As far as I look at it, this is working now and if it stops working in the future out of warranty then as the wiring is there now it is not really going to cost much to buy a new (better?) unit in the future and have it fitted at minimal cost.
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