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RE: Which charger?

You need to spend some time in the Leaf Forum if you think I was trying to ridicule you - I simply pointed out that a fixed term contract cannot be 'open ended' nothing more. I've been left with 4k dead Vectrix battery and a range of 8 miles that scares the heck out of me and I don't want it to happen again.

Clearly, until Renault change their policy you won't be happy - fine, as you suggest other manufacturers do and the customer is king. I have no intention of finding myself in the same situation and see the lease as my insurance policy against this happening.

As Donald's says, in my book, this is way down my priority list - and I get a (questionable) care package to help me and recovery to a charger.

It floats my boat - but leaving emotions aside, I'd love to know hat happened after someone's battery lease expires. It wouldn't be the first time that nothing did!

On the Chargemaster charger issue - assuming you mean public, as opposed to home ones. I've reported a bust ASDA charger to them repeatedly since August (faulty display) and it is never fixed. Hardly attentive!
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