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Pod Point Installation Manual

I found the installation manual for the PodPoint charging station.

I also noticed that the Zoe compatible home unit is listed as "Not Yet Released"

These instructions are for the SAE J1772 connector pod point solo, but the Zoe compatible Mode 2 connector unit should be the same.

Buried in there is information about grounding.

The Pod Point Solo contains an 30mA rated RCD.

The earth loop impedance of the circuit must meet the requirements to achieve disconnection times of less than 0.4
seconds for TN systems and 0.2 seconds for TT systems.
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RE: Earth Resistance Issues

Confusion abounds

All this talk around earth spikes and resistance is decidedly confusing. Prior to installation of my wall charger the engineer inspection included a check on earth resistance and I was told it was surprisingly low! Good news, you would think. But then I was told I needed an earth spike anyway. Whether this was because the charger was externally mouinted, I don't know. During the installation the spike was driven into the middle of my narrow pathway and stands proud, a hazard ready to trip the unsuspecting visitor and likely to get damaged. It could just as easily have been put just round the corner in a flowerbed.

Now for the tricky bit. As my Fluence cannot control charging time and nor can the BG charger I can either get up in the middle of the night to start the charge at offpeak rate or I can have a timer installed on my switchboard. The electrician who came to do this job expressed 1) dismay at the job BG had done with the wiring and 2) horror that an earth spike had been fitted as he is adamant that, with my type of electrical system, the earth spike means two separate groundings where a circuit failure leading to current running down one will cause that same current to rise up the other with disastrous results. Perhaps he was going over the top, but he hinted that what had been done was illegal.

Anyone fancy commenting?
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RE: Earth Resistance Issues

Originally Posted by pauledg
Confusion abounds
Yes it does.
But then I was told I needed an earth spike anyway. Whether this was because the charger was externally mouinted, I don't know.

I'm not an electrician. I am not qualified to say if something is legal or even safe.

What I do know:

If the charge point is mounted outdoors it will be "Outside the equipotential zone." UK rules say it needs a separate earth lead and local spike.. Safer this way.

In certain fault conditions the earth connections inside your home could be at higher voltage than the ground immediately outside. A ground fault could then make the car a shock hazard. All very unlikely but that is why the rule is in place.

I can't comment on the actual installation. The BG installer may have done something very wrong. Could very well be dangerous. You should probably get your electrician and BG talking to each other.

Here is one that is done correctly. The earth spike is buried behind the post the charge pod is mounted to.

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RE: Earth Resistance Issues

The good news for domestic EV installations is that from the 1st Aug 2013 additional earthing for PME supplies is no longer required. I think you'll find that all good installers now know this and it will alleviate the problems with having to install earth rods etc. This change came from the change in amendment 2 of BS7671 the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations after much lobbying by the companies you love to hate for having an interest.
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