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Power drawn after 100% charge.

Before my 122 mile run in my Fluence (see other thread/forum), I plugged it in overnight for a full charge.

I have a remote energy meter thing that measures current and extrapolates to power and energy consumed.

I noted that some hours after it had hit full charge it was still drawing 600W. I left it for a couple of hours to see if this was some sort of final 'topping off', but as it did not stop I began to worry about where that power was going!

I went out to the car and the battery cooling fan was running. I guess that probably accounted for a few 100W. But why was it running? Maybe the battery was doing some cell-balancing or something. In any case, I did not appreciate that there should have been some 15 kWh required to charge it up (it was 1/3rd remaining before I started charging) but it kept going to 20kWh drawn, at which point I turned the charger off.

I'm quite unhappy about this. Together with the 'no timer' issue, and the additional load the charging station draws all by itself, this means I will have to time all the charging manually, and in 'waking hours'. So it seems I can't leave the car even to turn itself off at the end of charging!! Sigh!

I'll do some more trials and see if this is an anomaly and/or if I can figure out what it is doing.
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RE: Power drawn after 100% charge.

Ignorance is bliss. Just leave the car to do it's thing and don't worry about what it's doing
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RE: Power drawn after 100% charge.

It's a plan, for sure, but I have the meters and they are telling me I am using 30% more electricity than if I cut the charging short before full charge. I can't ignore that, unfortunately!
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RE: Power drawn after 100% charge.

On my last two charges one over-ran by 3/4 hour after 100% charge, the other didn't. My latest 16.5Kwh charge finished just within the 7 hour offpeak period working out at 2.3Kwh/hour. I didn't think to step outside and see if the fan was running, maybe it's merely bring the battery back down to cool?

Incidentally I now do two charges, a "dummy" 5 minute one before I go to bed to check the circuit is live, another at off-peak start time. These normally generate two "end of charge" notifications but last time I only got one, the final one. So where did the other go, I saw it charging?

I think we have to accept that these cars are nominally "work in progress", except I don't suppose it is. At least we have something unique! And if they get any cheaper perhaps we can have a spare, just in case......
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