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PluggIt - Source London map iPhone app

Hi guys.

Just wanted to let you know about a Source London map iPhone app I just released called PluggIt

I was frustrated by how badly the Source London website map works on a mobile device (which ironically is the best way to view the map - on the go in a car).
Neither was there an existing iPhone app that was simple to use, loaded fast with exactly the behavior I wanted.
So I decided to make it myself. It went live on app store on couple of weeks ago.

As I am a home-dad with two small children and this project came out of my own pocket and costed me a bit more than originally planned - I was hoping to recoup a little bit by charging for it. But I hope it will not be a too big hurdle for a Londoner in need to find Source London charging points.

If anyone do download it, it would be great to hear feedback. If you like it then I would really appreciate nice reviews on the app store. If you don't or something could be improved or you found a bug - I would be interested to hear from you on [email protected]
- Do you like it?*
- Does it have everything you need to charge your car?
- Do you think it's worth the money?
- Do you think it should be available on Android?

Hope you like it and looking forward to your comments!

All the best, Roland
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