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RE: Meneques adapter ?

I think it'd be quite easy to change the socket actually. I have commented on the possibility before (perhaps not on this forum?). All the protocols are the same.

However, the rapid charge Mennekes is a 3-phase system, and it may (I do not know) expect a 3 phase charger at the end of it in the car. It will also operate at 400V, and I do not know if Fluence is only expecting a 230V supply. The 'Type 2 system' should be compatible, for both voltage and phases, but whether it is or not is an unknown

It was my understanding that these charge stations will still have a Type 2 1-phase socket to plug into, but ecotricity have also confirmed they will drop support for 'slow' chargers.

If you have a need to go a long distance and take a charge on the motorway, basically the Fluence is the wrong tool for the job.
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