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RE: My new Fluence in Denmark

Originally Posted by Eep
Conversely the Americans manage to make the top five list of countries with the highest standard of living, so there is no hard and fast rule here
I don't wish to get all political, but I'd just like to comment that I think there is something very odd with a country that claims to have high standards of living that also allows their poorest people to die due to easily remedied health issues that they cannot afford to pay for. You should go see the queues that build up the day before the free medical clinics turn up in town. Not that I think the NHS is a panacea, I think there is considerable waste, but I'd prefer to fund a bit of waste if it means avoiding leaving folks vulnerable and unaided in ill health.

...sorry, gone off topic there, but the Denmark I knew, albeit 20 years ago now, seemed to work well and I think that was partly because of the high tax rates rather that in spite of them.

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