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Originally Posted by umberto
Originally Posted by Trevor
If there are no objections
Go ahead! Where's the link? :-)


Be careful what you wish for! Ok, I'll put details of my website progress in this thread, and anyone who isn't interested is very welcome to ignore it!

I'm starting by writing about the development of the Zoe, from the early concepts to the 2012/2013 production model. Later I'll get to add my own experiences of owning one (I hope!). In the past I've created a bunch of websites and written about my hobby (military vehicles) so that should all help me - however, I'm rusty with Wordpress so initial progress has been slow. So far I've researched and finished writing just one page, about the Concept City Car. Next I'll start work on the more recent Zoe versions.

There's not a lot to see yet, but nonetheless any feedback is appreciated:

Development History: Zoe City Concept Car

Meanwhile, the other thing I'd point out is that I've been reading up on EVs for a while and have added a list of recommended links to my 'blogroll' on the front page (I check each of these most days):

If anyone has found other good links, do let me know.
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