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RE: Renault offers "batteries included" option at last

Their website is the usual confused nonsense BUT it does have the updated prices including the battery. I did try to find the updates regarding the lower lease but I couldn't find the lease option now. Looks like the website is in a moment of flux whilst they update things. I'm sure the article gave details of the warranty, or was that on the Renault website? I can't remember.

The 25 pm lease for the zoe really is good value for those who like the lease backup. 77 always seemed ridiculous to me, 45 was better and 25 is bordering on peppercorn and much more like it. If they bring that pricing in for the Fluence then it'll be a bargain car. The article says it's just for the Zoe but with RCI being so confused you are likely to blag it.

And the 4,500 difference shows how crazy the 77 pm for the vehicles life was. If you were just to pay that for 5 years then fine, but opened endedness of it was just plain crazy to me.

UPDATE: This link explains the HIRE/PURCHASE options of the Zoe battery

At least we all have the OPTION to lease or buy the Renault ZEs and I think sales will now increase. Well done Renault.
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