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RE: Renault offers "batteries included" option at last

So, it's now 50pm for 7,500 miles.

It'd be a nice saving for the Fluence, but I doubt RCI can cope with changing their finance agreements half-way through, because they aren't Renault UK who are making the offer. But stranger things have happened. eg. Renault UK might say that the 77 pm on Fluence now covers the 12,500mi pa range, and what they would then do is pay RCI any differentials.

It does feel like a chance for Renault AND RCI to dump collecting the lease on the 50 (?) odd Fluences in private hands, more trouble than worth. I'm sad to have lost the Fluence, but even if the battery lease is dropped I would not help but feel some trepidation going forward, past the warranty period, given my experiences.
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