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Scary Experience

Well, after a year of motoring with my replacement Fluence she did the dirty on me. What happened bears an uncanny similarity to some of the bad behaviour of my white car - which I returned before it killed me. As we have had several new members who probably haven't read my earlier posts I will briefly recap.

Car No.1, the white car, bought before prices came crashing down, started off (300 miles on the clock) in its first week of ownership by refusing to brake when I needed it to at a busy roundabout. It just ploughed on regardless. Several weeks later and it was returned to me and the very next day as I left home I got the "brake failure" message and parked it up. At the second attempt at repair more parts were replaced and I was back motoring again.

The next braking episode was while I negotiated a busy village street and needed to slow to avoid a dustcart. Foot on the brake and electric motor failure" appeared in front of me and the car ACCELERATED towards the obstacle! Several weeks later and I was told the car was ready for collection. On enquiring what had been done I was informed that they had not found the cause. i was unprepared to accept an unrepaired car and rejected it. Much discussion by all concerned and the supplying dealer provided my current car as a replacement.

Now to Car No.2, blue. This apparently had impeccable history over 2700 miles of usage by Renault management. The dealer felt this was the safest bet! Apart from not going as far to a charge as the earlier car (some 10% down, I reckon) it has behaved itself - until last Sunday. Gently negotiating a tricky bit of road with blind bends at no more than 25mph I needed to avoid an oncoming car so I eased off the throttle and gently applied the brake. Once again I felt a shove in my back as the car lurched forward, ACCELERATING. I stamped on the brake and the car did respond and I stopped in time.

I have to ask how can applying the brake make a car speed up? Everything's fly by wire so it's not going to be a mechanical fault. So it's either electronics or software. Either way I am terrified that the car will do something similar at speed and there will be an almighty crash.

My plans for Christmas have been put on hold as my intention of bringing my 90 year old aunt out for the day have been scrapped. I shall spend Christmas pondering what my next step is. Is it a matter for a towtruck to the nearest specialist again? Or a pleasant chat with the oh so helpful folk at Customer Services who have no answers? Or straight to the supplying dealer who Renault last time would not allow the car to go back to to be sorted - their excuse, "There's a nearer specialist, they've got to learn how to sort these cars", to paraphrase.
Maybe an identical letter to all three and see what results.

Of course, I could continue to use the car until the next event, then park it up if I can stop it and walk off. Or drive it into the nearest river? I have given Renault's EV's two years of my time and considering the catalogue of events (more that I've outlined here) I reckon I've been remarkably patient. But enough is enough. I'm 75 and rather fancy reaching at least 76, Renault.

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