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RE: Scary Experience

I've never had anything approaching an unusual occurrence like this - although I did hear about someone with a Vauxhall (can't remember the model) who found he had braking anomalies displayed - not regularly - but on certain occasions during the winter months. The car always checked out fine, but the log did store the failure event.

Speculation ranged from RF interference (MoD, CAA Radome, microwave link etc) as the error, which could never be recreated on demand, appeared to show itself near the summit of a hill that could have glowed in the dark with the amount of technology sired upon it.

My blue one has been flawless, but I'm aware of these hot-spots and have never had any need to go past them. I think your issue is one of external interference acting to the detriment of the Fluence. But what?

We all the remember the stories of not using mobiles on planes or near hospital ICU departments. Some had flawed reasoning, but there remains a modicum of doubt.

The recent wayward Glasgow bin lorry is a case in point - was it driver error that caused it career up Queen Street and smash into a hotel killing pedestrians on the way? There's been conjecture that the driver was slumped over the wheel, whilst others say he was frantically trying to manoeuvre it through the first junction.

Cold comfort - but I'd watch the results of the finding with interest.

Oh - and Merry Xmas to all!
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