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RE: Scary Experience

Thanks for the responses so far. I do hope, Busby, that you are wrong or my experience will become ever more commonplace as cars get more electronic. My long ecperience of electronics and computers does not give me the faith to trust them in the way that earlier technology performed. Their root problem is that failures are often catastrophic and, with increasing complexity, unpredicatble. You try getting any bit of electronic kit repaired! It's cheaper and easier to chuck it for another. Is this what cars are coming to? Incidentally I have a giant MOD base in my village and antennae on top of the hill up the road. But my failures so far have all been away from home.
Grumpie cabbie, I get your point too but all instances have been at comparatively low speed on good roads in good weather. What I noticed this time was a shove in the back as the car's torque pushed the car forward violently. I note that Leaf owners can suffer from mis-match between regeneration and braking that causes them to jolt to a stop, but that's another story.

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