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RE: Scary Experience

Originally Posted by Eep
Having said that I would be inclined to wonder if GC might have put his finger on the problem here, in that a total lack of regen when lifting your foot from the throttle and gently applying the foot brake - my car's done it on numerous occasions, leading me to start a thread here wondering if the regen levels were dynamic - can feel like the car is getting faster, whereas it is in fact merely not slowing as quickly as your brain is expecting.
You've had experience with BEVs and/or hybrids I believe.

The issue seems to be regen only braking and how it is completely incompatible with ABS as the pulsing on,off,on,off can cause damage to the regen system/inverters etc. The car has to 'switch' to friction braking in ABS situations.

If a driver is easy on the friction brakes by gently slowing 90% of the time with just the regen, then the friction brakes are cold, possibly rusty or mildly corroded or even just wet. When the car suddenly needs them in an ABS situation, they're just not there to the degree they should be or would have been if there was no regen or if the two systems (regen & friction) had been blended more.

Renault haven't had a hybrid or much experience with regen brakes and will have to be learning from the beginning. This sort of issue, assuming it is the above, has been known about since the early days of hybrids 13 years ago.
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