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RE: Scary Experience

I have to agree that this could well be an EMC issue if you have had the same experience in a similar location before.

It is not unheard of. In the early days of electronic accelerator pedals there were several such incidents. We're seeing a change of technology here so (at the risk of sounding overly casual about such a terrifying experience) it will probably happen from time to time.

I think you should describe the experience in detail and post it to Renault in France, directly. You could email a copy to UK Renault if you like but they are concessionaires and cannot really influence the technology. Your experiences could be very important and if it goes through to the right person then it should get an appropriate, active response.

If you have any problems getting through to someone sufficiently high up in Renault that is responsible for EMC issues, then PM me and I could see if I can find a way to forward your letter on appropriately if you like (my company has representatives who sit along side Renault representatives on EMC committees).

It may not be an EMC issue, of course, but it sounds plausible and it could be a dangerous issue that needs to be bottomed out.
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