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New Motor Required

Well, my Fluence stranded me on the way home last week and it was towed to the Dealer in Middlesbrough. It needs a new motor, which is at the bottom of the main power unit. My car is 3yrs 2 months old and has covered 20,000 miles. At first they said it wasn't covered by the warrantee but I politely reminded them of the 5 year warrantee for the electric powertrain parts. Cost is 2750 so I'm pleased they are honouring this. Spoke to the technician and it's the second one he's done. They wear out and cause a resistance to back up. Your car will not start (no GO light on the SoC meter, and you are stranded). You get the message 'Electric Fault, Danger' and the red Stop light comes on. I wouldn't want to be keeping my Fluence beyond the 5yr warrantee for electric parts -am sure the next motor will do the same after 20,000. Mmmmm.

hope all well with you guys, Chris
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