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RE: Autotrader Pricing

Originally Posted by Buzby
It's been a whiles since I loaded the Autotrader App and checked on pricing - now that I have, I've been really impressed at the price high-mileage Fluences are achieving, compared to (my) original purchase price.

Comparing this to the Zoe, of which there appears to be a glut of them - the losrr from retail RRP is truly breathtaking, indeed I'm expected to pay the same for a Zoe as I did for the Fluence, for a lesser car with slightly more motern facilities. A shame for owners as their loss will be hard to take - presumably as they shidt back to an ICE?
I agree. The Fluences seem to have bottomed out not much below the level I paid for mine about 21 months ago, which was much less than a Zoe at the time and more or less in the same ball park as a new Twizy.

I suspect that the only realistic trade ins will come from Renault dealers, though, so I might yet end up in a Zoe in the future...

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