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RE: Dates for Germany

Originally Posted by Andrew*Debbie

Could it be they are waiting for the i3 and Model S?
Maybe. There are a lot of models to wait for in the queue for the next 18 months (VW, Ford, BMW, Mercedes) and the previews were for prereserved people only.

Do EVs in general get negative press in Germany? There is biased anti-EV press coverage in the UK.
Since I don't read print magazines, I can't tell about them. What I read in the web is neither too negative nor too enthusiastic. Germans tend to prefer to talk about problems more than about chances and under this condition coverage tends to be positive.

The Renault salesperson I talked to said that she met a lot of people who were not aware how short their daily driving distances really are and who thought that they couldnt go electric but in fact could. That was interesting, but corresponds to my experieneces with people that don't care how much gas costs because "...I always pay 20 Euros at the gas station..." - absolutely no awareness about how far they can drive for that amount of money...

In general, people are lazy and don't want to change their habits. That's why I think electromobility may fail for the mass market in the next 10-15 years if nothing special happens (sharp incline in fuel costs, political regulations for city access or like that) - or a battery type that can be refiiled with energy like refueling a conventional car.

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