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Hi my names paul and just bought a 2013 FLUENCE DYNAMIQUE as we speak only had it a day an already in love with it. The only concern i have is once a month we drive roughly 100 miles to the mother in laws, i didn't cotton on to the fact there's no rapid charge ? So my question is this as i have never driven a all electric car before how do you achieve such good milage? Can you give me tips please? How long will i need to sit at a charge point to do the 100 mile trip ? When i first looked into getting it i though a 30 min charge would give me a 80% charge sadly i got this wrong by all accounts.

Having said that the car to me is the best looking and stylish, the drive is lovely, the only thing is can i make the trip in goodish time?

I wonder if we will be able to buy a upgrade as i see somewhere where they continue to manufacture they upgraded the charge unit ?

At home i have a charge point and probably only do 130 miles a week so not really a problem, also have solar panels so would make it cheaper etc. Just waiting on getting set up for the account so i can install the app and also have a list of charge points on my journey. So far a nice renault experience.

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