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Originally Posted by ElectricDave
I only use public charging points rarely, but I've had quite good experience it's the Polar instant app - you can download it to your phone/tablet straight away without having to wait for a card through the post. You have to put 20 credit on it but a lot of the locations are actually free, so I haven't actually used any of my credit up yet.

I wouldn't rely on being able to do 100 miles without some sort of Plan B but you might be OK if you could find somewhere for a 1.5 to 2 hour top up while you're having a coffee or something to eat to give you an extra 10-20 miles (all values very approximate indeed!).

Public charging points are a real minefield because of the different standards - for example hardly any of the Ecotricity points can be used by a Fluence as they have decided to concentrate on rapid charging.
So do i take it the rapid charge units can't charge at a lower rate or is it the connector ? What sort of things do you do to get the range ? like on a motorway what speed you doing etc ? I think once i got my account activate and my card for the charge stations i will do a dummy run see how it affects us, thing is i have the wife and 2 kids and normally its a 90 minute journey at normal speed, so i want to do this without to much delay lol. The only sweetener is it normally costs around 40 in petrol round trip in my zaffy, we thought e might be able to get rid of the zaffy in favour of the electric car lol .
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